Supported Employment

Work4You members need varying degrees of support to enable them to fulfill theirdsc_0529 employment aspirations and meet their employer’s need. That’s why our services are completely tailor made to each individual. 

Our Supported Employment Specialist ensures that the transition from the training centre into a job is as smooth and comfortable as possible for both our youngsters and the employer’s staff. 

We believe that on site training is the best form of job learning for our team members. In many instances, the Supported Employment Specialists will tailor the job’s function into manageable tasks that team members are capable of accomplishing.

Work4You is dedicated to providing a client focused service; therefore the length of the transition phase depends entirely on the individual. This can vary from one month to a whole year. The specialists will maintain close contact with the team member, parents and business partner throughout the term of the employment contract, to ensure that all parties are satisfied and understand what is expected of one another.