The Programme

Work4You bridges the gap in service provision from the special needs schools to the open labour market through two main processes:

  1. The Work Skills Training Programme.
  2. The Supported Employment Process.

The Initial Screening Phase

The interview with the parent/guardian is held at the premises and this allows the young adult to see the work environment as well as try their hand at the making of Wagalots.

Following a successful interview, the young adult begins the probation period. The probation period is a practical assessment whereby the new members are observed while engaged in the manufacture of Wagalots. During the probation period, our Occupational Therapists hold a MAP (Making an Action Plan) Interview with the parents and an individualized action plan is developed for each member.


The Work Skills Training Programme

Wagalots are hand-baked dog treats, made by the team members in the workshop. The biscuits are sold to the public to generate income and expose the members to all aspects of running a small business; as well as allowing them to develop work habits and life skills.

When a new team member joins Work4You, they are introduced to the Wagalots production and distribution in order to learn work skills. Wagalots are relatively easy to make, therefore the manufacturing process provides the perfect foundation for Occupational Therapists to provide training in work habits, social and work skills.


Job Trial Phase

The job trial phase begins once the young adult is assessed as work-ready by our Occupational Therapists. Our young adults begin this phase with exposure to various jobs and working environments to assess if they are able to handle the work tasks and the change in working environment.

During this time, the team members begin the specific work skills training, which allows them to learn the tasks in more manageable sections and to learn the skills that are required to complete the job. Our team members are supported throughout this process to ensure that they are coping.

The Supported Employment Process

Supported employment matches those who are ready for open labour market employment opportunities offered by the business partners of Work4You; and provides ongoing support for both the employer and the employee.

This service is open ended and continues until both parties decide that it is no longer needed in order to sustain employment.